“You’ll burn more calories, tone more muscle and get into better shape at 1000 Calorie BootCamp than any other class out there – I guarantee it!”

Captain Felix Deer, Fitness Consultant and Founder.

If you’re serious about getting fit and into great shape, you’re going to love our awesome 1000 Calorie BootCamp Workouts: 

If you’re serious about getting fit and into great shape, you’re going to love our awesome 1000 Calorie BootCamp Workouts:

- Burn a Massive 1000 Calories per Workout!

- Lose Body Fat – Fast!

- Tone Arms, Thighs and Butt!

- Get Firmer, Flatter Abs!

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- Great Fun, great People, and great Results too!

- 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

So come and say hello at the next Workout – you’ll find a really friendly bunch of people just like you – so you’ll fit in right away!